How many people can be accommodated? 

Our outdoor pavilion and our chapel both can accommodate 120 guests. 

Do you require specific vendors? 

We do not! We leave the details up to your own preference. 

Is smoking allowed?

Yes, there are designated smoking areas on the grounds.

Are there affixed bathrooms?

Yes, there are two full ADA compliant bathrooms (with showers) located in the chapel.

What is your alcohol policy?

Are there decor restrictions?

Do you have a designated parking area?

All events that are having alcohol must have a licensed bartender with a serving permit. 

We have thoughtfully planned and placed beautiful landscaping and accent details in hopes of minimizing  your decoration needs. We do have restrictions to ensure the venue stays in perfect condition. 

- No tacks, taping, stapling, sawing, cutting, or piercing of any part of any structure at The Beaumont House.

- The only items to be thrown in the air must be biodegradable. 

Yes, we have a designated parking area on site. The Beaumont House also provides a parking attendant.

What is your room cancellation policy?

Guests staying less than 3 nights must cancel within 24hrs of booking to receive a full refund. Guests staying longer than 3 nights, must cancel within 5 business days of scheduled arrival for a full refund. 

*Please note that booking sites have additional cancellation rules and policies. When a reservation is booked through a site, their cancellation policy applies. 

Have more questions? We'd love to answer them!

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9030 W State Rd 48

Bloomington, IN  47404